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    Fabian replied to the thread Introduce yourself here!.
    Hey. My name is Fabian Elbracht an im from Germany and im living in Heppenheim, the hometown of Sebastian Vettel CompTIA invited us via...
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    The discourse surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is often mired in confusion and misunderstanding, leading to polarized...
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    As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape the business world, its integration into marketing strategies has become a hot...
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    The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a buzzword; it's a revolutionary technology with the potential to reshape many aspects of our...
  • Katrin
    und noch die letzten Bilder von Ronald. :)
    • IMG_8785.JPG
    • IMG_8787.JPG
    • IMG_8789.JPG
    • IMG_8793.JPG
    • IMG_8783.JPG
    • IMG_8781.JPG
    • IMG_8777.JPG
    • IMG_8775.JPG
    • IMG_8773.JPG
    • IMG_8791.JPG
  • Katrin
    Und hier noch die Fotos von Ronald Wiltschek. Ronald war einverstanden, dass ich diese auch hier mit Euch teilen darf. @Ronald: vielen...
    • IMG_8753.JPG
    • IMG_8749.JPG
    • IMG_8755.JPG
    • IMG_8757.JPG
    • IMG_8759.JPG
    • IMG_8761.JPG
    • IMG_8765.JPG
    • IMG_8767.JPG
    • IMG_8769.JPG
    • IMG_8751.JPG
    • IMG_8687.JPEG
    • IMG_8688.JPEG
    • IMG_8691.JPEG
    • IMG_8692.JPEG
    • IMG_8737.JPG
    • IMG_8739.JPG
    • IMG_8743.JPG
    • IMG_8745.JPG
    • IMG_8741.JPG
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    Great to see the Advancing Women in Technology Interest Group up and running, particularly as it was AWIT who helped me to lean in to my...
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    In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, blockchain technology stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, with the potential...
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    Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is a beacon of transformation in the technological landscape, heralding unprecedented...
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