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Jul 30, 2019
Web3’s ideas like metaverse and tokenization are solving some major problems in education.
Education in developing countries like India is rife with issues. Poor infrastructure, teacher absenteeism and high dropouts are some of the major issues plaguing our education system. The government has been trying different ways to improve things for many decades now, but the struggle remains ongoing. 
Meanwhile, the development of blockchain technology has put forth various solutions and claims to solve all the problems – in one go. 
Web3 shows the way
Experts believe that Web3’s metaverse is the answer to most of the problems in the education sector in India. “If you look at the issues in the education system from a macro perspective – there is a lack of schools, teachers and quality education. Besides, there are school dropouts, falling number of girls students in STEM and an overall lack of inclusive education. There are various issues which can be solved through Metaverse. It can play a role in the inclusiveness of education,” said Manav Subodh, Founder and MD, 1M1B, a skilling and education platform.  
Subodh added that in a country grappling with physical infrastructure issues, VR and AR technology can play a bigger role in solving its problem. Schools and science labs could all be simulated using the AR and VR technology. 
“So, if you’re talking about a virtual reality lab, the same science labs in education can be made available to students even in the villages. The innovation lies in making the AR/VR devices smaller or cheaper,” he said.
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