Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
As we continue to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of Blockchain technology, it's important to recognize its diverse applications across various industries. Different types of businesses have unique requirements, and tailoring the choice of blockchain to specific needs is crucial.

Blockchain technology, originally designed for the digital currency Bitcoin, has found its way into many other areas of the business world. It's not just for financial transactions anymore. Industries from healthcare to supply chain management are finding innovative uses for this technology.

The type of blockchain a business chooses to use can greatly impact its operations. For instance, a public blockchain might be suitable for a business that requires transparency and openness, such as a charity. On the other hand, a private blockchain might be more appropriate for a business dealing with sensitive data, such as a healthcare provider.

In this discussion, let's explore the nuanced relationship between business types and the types of blockchain that best suit their objectives. How can we tailor our blockchain solutions to meet the specific needs of different industries? What factors should we consider when choosing a type of blockchain for a particular business?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and insights.

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Ashu Pande

New member
Feb 1, 2024
Blockchain should be seen by the enterprise as an enabler for improving their business process.

At a high level, enterprise engages with the rest of the world is in two ways:
1. Confidential/ Private under NDA, and
2. Public

Mapping blockchain onto this process means that an enterprise should ideally support a permissioned chain for their confidential engagement, and with public chain for their non NDA engagement.

Another approach could be to use permissioned chain for B2B engagement and public chain for B2C.

Would love to bear thoughts.