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5 Key Features of an Edge Computing Platform
Edge computing is a distributed computing system that allows data to be processed closer to its origin instead of having to transfer it to a centralized cloud or data center.

Edge Computing
Edge computing speeds up analysis by reducing the latency time involved in moving data back and forth. It also eases pressure on the cloud and data center systems, as they no longer have to support data sources and devices outside the immediate enterprise perimeter, in addition to the directly connected environment. Edge computing is beneficial for internet of things (IoT) use cases as IoT devices are typically wireless and situated in remote locations. 
An edge computing platform drives edge computing by:
  • Enabling real-time data processing away from the central cloud or data center. 
  • Caching, buffering, and optimizing the data close to the edge device or IoT system.
  • Transforming the data received by edge devices and IoT into a format that can be processed for analysis. 
According to the 2021 State of the Edge report by the Linux Foundation, edge deployments will increase by 40% between 2019 and 2028 to keep up with enterprise needs. An edge computing platform helps orchestrate these deployments by enabling app services for the edge, secure access, and intuitive infrastructure provisioning without communicating with a central cloud. 
The key features of an edge computing platform include the following: 
1. Edge application support
Applications have to be specifically designed to run on the edge. You might want to port existing applications from the cloud to edge environments, or you might want to develop edge native applications. The platform you choose should come with its development suite. It may also integrate with third-party services for app delivery through application programming interfaces (APIs). 
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