Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
The tech sector is making strides to improve gender diversity, but challenges remain. While efforts to hire women are increasing, many women are still leaving the industry due to persistent issues like sexism, lack of flexible work options, and return-to-office mandates.

As the industry faces a growing digital skills gap, retaining women in tech is crucial. Predictions indicate that the UK will need three million new digital jobs by 2025. However, one in three women in tech plan to leave their jobs, often due to inflexible work environments and limited career progression opportunities.

Karen Blake, co-CEO of Tech Talent Charter (TTC), highlights that denying women flexibility is a significant factor pushing them out of the workforce. The TTC reports that only 21% of senior tech roles are held by women or non-binary individuals, a gap that has widened since 2022.

To address these issues, companies are focusing on progression programs and creating pathways for women to return to tech, such as returnships and coding bootcamps. For instance, Deepana Naidu, a software engineer, found renewed passion and support through a Tech Returners bootcamp, which led her to thrive in a new role.

Discussion Questions:
  1. What are the most effective strategies to retain women in tech?
  2. How can companies better support women returning to the tech industry?
  3. What role do flexible work options play in improving gender diversity in tech?
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