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Jul 30, 2019
HSBC and Computing event Stem at the Source brought together a range of speakers from different specializations including engineering, recruitment and entrepreneurship, to discuss the tangible measures that technology leaders can take to diversify what remains an industry predominantly run by men.
The session which most engaged the audience was an interactive thinktank on the many aspects of creating roles for women in STEM. The session provided an opportunity for the airing of some diverse views on whether roles could - or should - be created specifically for women.
The panel for the thinktank comprised Jen Goodison, CTO Engineering Platforms, HSBC, Joseph Castle, CEO of IT Solutions Partner Tecnologika and Lisa Holmes, Director at specialist tech recruiter Uniting Ambition . All expressed doubts about creating roles specifically for women, certainly within their own organizations.
Joseph Castle was keen to emphasize the importance of merit, and recruiting the right person for any given role.
"I feel uncomfortable trying to find someone from a certain demographic because my whole career I've been about attaining a certain position or goal by merit - having the right attitude and the skills to do it."
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