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Jul 30, 2019
AI has phenomenally conquered our lives, our platforms, and our businesses, and leaders, and business owners are enthusiastically cheering for this humongous technological revolution. Today, business owners and CEOs across industries are gleefully celebrating and embracing AI and its tools to boost efficiency, cut operational costs, improve revenue, and strengthen customer engagement experience.
According to a study by Fortune Business Insights, the artificial intelligence market is projected to make up to $ 267 billion on a global level.
Considering the evolution businesses are going through, it’s imperative for them to match the technological advancements and stay updated with modern trends. With this post, we are focusing on 5 popular AI trends business owners and CEOs should be vouching for.
AI in Face Recognition
The technologies which are employing AI software for face recognition are collating each individual’s unique biometric data including a person’s facial expressions and their faces. All this together can enable us to not just identify, but also authenticate a person.  This technology is quite prevalent in law enforcement companies that use biometric software to scan faces and got through closed circuit television, also known as CCTV, footage. Companies are adopting this AI software to prevent crime, reduce security costs, and ensure their employees are trustworthy.
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