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Jul 30, 2019
Blockchain has revolutionized the whole world. Be it healthcare, banks or any other sector has not remained untouched by its effect. From the latest survey, it’s found that there are over 83 million bitcoin block explorer wallets users worldwide as of July 2022. Where around 10% of the global population owns cryptocurrencies.
Now, around 16% of Americans have started investing in cryptocurrency. The decentralized ledger system of Blockchain helps the financial institution save up to $12 billion every year.
Indeed Blockchain has created great hype all around. But do you know there is a popular term called Nonce? It’s a popular term that was hidden under the shadows for years.
A nonce is a number or value you can use only once. In Blockchain’s context, it refers to a pseudo-random number utilized as a counter during mining. It is often used on authentication protocols and cryptographic hash functions.
For further understanding, continue reading this blog. We’ll uncover all the basics and its major significance in Blockchain. So, let’s get started.
What is Nonce?
A nonce is an abbreviation for ‘number used only once.’ In finance and cryptography, it is a randomly generated number used to verify transactions or perform security checks. It may seem simple, but it has a diverse range of use cases, including small transactions and space stations.
For instance, we often find captchas on websites that we must type to proceed. Even OTPs we receive via mail or phone to verify transactions are all nonces, having one-time use to verify something in a limited duration.
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