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Jul 30, 2019
With the view of fostering gender equality at its workplace, Nagarro, a global leader in digital product engineering and technology solutions, recently highlighted that one of its key strategic initiatives is to inspire and build strong women leaders. This is essential for expanding to a 500+ strong diverse team of top-tier professionals in Sri Lanka.
The IT/Technology industry in Sri Lanka actively empowers many women to lead. Nagarro shares great pride in joining this moral and strategic effort. Nagarro will sponsor the ‘Emerging Women Technopreneur of the Year’ award at the annual SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards from the coming year.
Nagarro works consciously towards the goal that each leadership group has at least one-third women representation through its Glass Window program. This well-designed initiative identifies and enables aspiring female leaders to participate in many activities with access to all information shared within the management group. This has brought a rich range of diverse ideas and perspectives and inspires everyone at Nagarro.
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