Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
web3 startup.png

Over the past decades, we witnessed the evolution of online data as an industry. As technology moves to enable user-owned digital public goods (a la Bitcoin), safeguarding and giving users power over their data has become vital.

Running a privacy startup has given me a close look at this evolution and the unique role privacy plays in society. It has allowed me to understand what a resilient startup requires in order to align with real needs and withstand industry demands.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned over the past few years to make private DeFi a reality.

Your message needs rock-solid foundations.​

Every good entrepreneur knows that to survive, you need to adapt. And yet, persistence is key. But how can you stay persistent despite constant calls to pivot?

In Web3, this dilemma is exacerbated. A once clear and convincing message can quickly become redundant at best or an existential threat at worst. This is the natural result of shifting regulations and uncertain market dynamics. Rapid tech breakthroughs render previous approaches obsolete while emerging narratives and social phenomena reshape public perceptions of Web3 startups.

After realizing how fast tides change, it became clear we had to craft a message that served as a framework for our values and direction.

Governments are actively addressing privacy, trying to decide on frameworks that protect users without enabling others to break the law. As such, our messaging needed to be compelling, flexible, and adaptable, while benefiting from every subsequent change.

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