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Apr 10, 2024
As a crucial component of multi-rotor drones, the motor system has strict reuiqrements on horizontal accuracy. Even minor installation errors or loose parts can affect flight stability. Therefore, regular pre-flight calibration is essential to ensure stable flights and prevent potential serious failures.


Two key parts for motor system maintenance:

Ⅰ, Inspection and cleaning of propellers and clamps .

  • Check whether the propeller blades are deformed, cracked, or have any damage such as notches on the edges; check whether the propeller clips are cracked or the screws are loose. If there is any damage, please replace it in time.
  • Clean the blades and clips.

Ⅱ,Checking level and adjust the motors

  • Check whether there is deformation, damage or objects attached on the motor. If so, clean or replace it immediately.​
  • First, place the level on the GPS mount and adjust the drone body to ensure the bubble is centered on the level in both the Y-axis and X-axis directions, as shown in the picture (Note: Don’t flip the level, and ensure the bubble is centered and not touch the scale lines).​

  • Then, place the level horizontally on the M1, M2, M3, and M4 motors, and adjust the motor to ensure the bubble is in the center of the level. (Note: The bubble must be centered ).​

Proper pre-flight motors checking and regular maintenance significantly reduce failure rates and extend the drone's lifespan, ensuring the safety of your flights. Choose an efficient, safe agricultural drone to make your work easier.



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