Kathleen Martin

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology is rapidly becoming an important communications tool between computers and humans. A company’s ability to use conversational AI in chatbots and other digital assistance solutions can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and other metrics.
Greg Plum, senior vice president of strategic alliances at Markee and chair of the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community, and Mady Mantha, senior evangelist, conversational AI and NLU, at Rasa and member of CompTIA’s AI Advisory Council, discuss the benefits and challenges of developing conversational AI solutions in this episode of CompTIA’s From Promise to Profit series.
Who doesn’t enjoy wading through a maze of corporate customer service options to get help for a problem? The answer, presumably, is almost nobody. Customer service can be a frustrating experience for both the user who needs assistance and the business trying to help. Organizations today want to rely on more automated features to help customers in order to save time, money, and theoretically help customers more quickly.
Today, even chatbots are viewed with some skepticism, in part because initial expectations were too high when they were first introduced years ago, according to Mantha.
“There are certain things chatbots are very good at. It takes a lot of training data and improvements to get where you want to be,” she said. “Overall, conversational AI is a great way to offer superior customer experiences. Customers want to be immediately understood and heard. That kind of customer satisfaction is a key differentiator in today’s digital world.”
Innovations in AI technology have helped to transform the way companies interact with customers. Digital assistance solutions today are capable of providing a seamless, successful experience. Chatbots now are capable of advanced search capabilities within a conversation, which means users no longer have to navigate through a database or website for the answer they need. That allows companies to transition some HR or IT resources to perform higher-value tasks and to automate repeatable and simple tasks.
Read more: https://connect.comptia.org/content/use-cases/implement-ai-into-chatbots-and-digital-assistance-solutions


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