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Jul 30, 2019
Women in tech, media, and telecom industries have difficulty adjusting to hybrid work schedules, according to research from consultant Deloitte, which also suggests that women report low levels of motivation, higher feelings of stress and burnout, and poor work-life balance.
Deloitte's analysis upholds the message in its title: For women in tech, media, and telecom, hybrid work may not be working
The analysis found that 51% of women in tech, media, and telecommunications work in a hybrid setting, while 39% work remotely. The same study concluded that women find it more challenging to work in a hybrid environment than to work fully remote or entirely in-person.
At the same time, just one-third of women in tech, media, and telecommunications said their productivity and motivation were good or extremely good at work, and only one-third are satisfied with their work-life balance. 
So, why are women in these industries unhappy with hybrid work when everyone else raves about it? 
Gillian Crossan, Deloitte's global technology sector leader, says women aren't fond of the unpredictable nature of hybrid working. She explains that it's important for employees, particularly women, to receive precise schedules of when to show up to the office. 
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