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Jul 30, 2019
If you enjoy using your drone for recreation, you might be interested to know that you can turn your hobby into a business. The drone market is substantial across the world. Whether you’re starting a side hustle or completely entering a new career, your passion for drones can help you get there. 
There is a universal love for drones. China’s drone revenue was around 1.27 billion dollars in 2022 alone. In other countries, such as the U.S. and France, revenue came in at around 1.24 billion and 150 million dollars, respectively. 
With the knowledge that the drone market is hot right now, you might feel uncertain about how easily you can break into the market for your own business. Believe it; it’s not as difficult as you might think! If you’re interested in starting your drone business, consider DroneFlyer and the information below. 
What Is A Drone, And What Can It Accomplish? 
Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the terminology. Drones are a type of UAV that can come in handy in various industries. For example, those in photography might use drones to take birds-eye-view images. Drones are also a resource for hospitals in undeveloped areas. Consider the industry you’ll enter, and how DroneFlyer might inspire your drone business ideas.  
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