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Business leaders today recognize that agility and adaptability are essential to long-term success. To achieve that agility, companies must overcome organizational inertia, constantly looking for ways to reshape behaviors in order to promote a learning mindset. Strategies to implement change include process redesign initiatives, technology innovation centers and design thinking workshops that embrace psychological safety.
While these measures can have an impact, they're often limited by the experiences of those involved. In other words, the perspectives of the people being asked to drive change have been shaped within the confines of the rigid and inefficient modes of operation that need changing.
True transformation requires the infusion of fundamentally new perspectives and backgrounds. That’s why initiatives that bolster diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can foster a sense of belonging within a workforce, as well as facilitate organizational agility and serve as powerful drivers of business growth and transformation.
Starting At The Top
We tend to think of diversity and inclusion primarily in terms of race and gender. And the lack of such diversity in business is striking and well-documented.
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