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From deep learning-enabled software to autonomous cars, smart robots to IoT applications, AI is deepening its claws everywhere and leaving unforgettable remarks on the world. AI-enabled technologies have specific ranks in the Gartner Hype Cycle For Emerging Technologies, which indicates that AI is unbeatable in the technology world.
However, AI business intelligence and analytics capabilities are a major attraction among businesses, as the concept improves the revenue streams and gives valuable insights. Actually, the increasing volume and complexity of data within organizations are supporting the adoption of AI to enhance enterprises.
AI and machine learning are enabling businesses to pull out valuable insights that enable businesses to forecast industry trends and user behavior. That’s the reason enterprises are eager to hire AI developers to upgrade solutions. More or less, AI usage in business intelligence can bestow enterprises with billions of dollars worth of information.
Wondering how AI in business intelligence can be leveraged? Let’s understand the undeniable potential of AI in business intelligence.
How Can AI Empower Business Intelligence Applications? 
Business intelligence is all about processes designed to collect, process, and analyze big data. For this, enterprises leverage a variety of business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Datapine, Zoho Analytics, and more.
In this process, some issues can hamper the value the system contributes to businesses. For example, a huge volume of data can raise a capacity limit that needs to be pushed away.
Let’s see how AI can solve shortcomings.
• AI Boosts BI functionality
Business intelligence’s real potential can be gauged in breaking down a large volume of data into granular insights. It enables enterprises to comprehend smaller aspects of the big picture. AI boosts the capacity and functionality of BI applications too. However, the real issue can arise in real-time insight.
Actually, BI’s mainstream process is to process and visualize data. But! BI can not generate this data result and predict trends in real-time. AI with the combination of latest technologies like ML infuses the capacity of generating real-time insights and trends.
Boosting BI functionality improves the value to the organization.
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