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Jul 30, 2019
From spy plane to package delivery, drones are making their way from the battlefield to the boardroom. The information age has been in full swing for over four decades with access to real-time information becoming in higher and higher demand. Discussions of edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning are dominating the airwaves. At the intersection of all three is a new technology to the business scene that leverages decades of military and intelligence development: unmanned systems technology, commonly called drones. These range from big box toy products to capable enterprise solutions.
Attempting to fly remote control airplanes in the past was a great father-son bonding activity that often ended in a phenomenal display of poor airmanship and resulted in a pile of balsa wood and engine parts. With the advent of the quadcopter, aspiring aviators are now able to have top-tier data at their fingertips without putting thousands of dollars of products at risk.
Commercial entities have rapidly been adopting airborne technology as an intelligence provider because of three critical advancements:
1. Reduction in cost due to the miniaturization of hardware components and advancements in capability.
2. Autonomous flight modes that reduce risk and require very little pilot experience.
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