Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
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Blockchain has been under the microscope for years, with the popular narrative assuming that “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” are synonymous. While the latter is certainly an application of the former, this popular—and incorrect—association has obscured blockchain’s broader potential. In truth, it goes far beyond cryptocurrency—a fact that organizations are increasingly recognizing to drive positive business outcomes and realize competitive advantage over the field.

While news cycles tend to (understandably) focus on volatile digital asset markets and the actions of a small group of bad actors, there’s a much broader trend quietly playing out. While blockchain is not a silver bullet that can magically solve all of your organization’s woes, it is the most effective form of digital authentication and copy protection the world has ever seen. Instead of seeing it as a false panacea, organizations are increasingly viewing blockchain as another tool to add to their IT toolbelt for specific and focused purposes.

I believe we’re at an inflection point right now, on the cusp of widespread blockchain adoption. Businesses are already adopting the technology at unprecedented rates, with 87% of them either already deploying blockchain technology or actively planning to invest in it in 2023, according to our company's recent report. Now is the time to educate the broader public about blockchain’s real-world use cases and how they’re extremely detached from crypto-driven noise cycles.

Here’s a brief look at how organizations across a wide range of industries are actively using blockchain technology today.

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