Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
DEI stands as a pillar of progress, fostering inclusive environments that empower students from all walks of life and shaping a competitive and adaptable workforce that views differences as assets.

The article features an interview with Oklahoma Senator Mary Boren, who provides valuable insights into the role of DEI in shaping the state’s students, workforce, and economy. She addresses misconceptions and criticisms of DEI, emphasizing that it is not about promising equal outcomes but ensuring equal access to opportunities and fostering an atmosphere of decency, empathy, and intelligence.

Contrary to prevalent misconceptions, DEI is not synonymous with affirmative action. Senator Boren states, “DEI allows everyone to attend school and work with their merit. DEI opens doors for diverse backgrounds, including single parents, caregivers for older individuals, people with disabilities, and those dealing with mental health issues.”

Adherence to DEI principles is essential for breaking down unnecessary barriers and allowing more individuals to utilize their full potential. As Senator Boren notes, critics that draw parallels between DEI and affirmative action constrict the circle of opportunities, limiting workforce prospects for those wishing to find employment in the state.

I encourage everyone to read the article and share your thoughts. How do you see DEI impacting our work and the broader industry? How can we further integrate DEI principles into our practices?

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