Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
I recently read an insightful article that highlighted the significant role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in achieving enhanced business outcomes. The article emphasized that engaged employees are the backbone of any successful DEI initiative and explored how technology can be leveraged to spark that engagement.

Companies are now actively creating safe and inclusive workplaces to intensify their focus on DEI initiatives. The IT sector, HR, and consulting or business services are leading the way, with significant percentages planning to implement or already having established DEI recruitment strategies. This collective effort across industries aims to foster diverse and inclusive work environments for sustained success.

DEI is seen as the guiding constellation, steering an environment where each employee's unique facets are not just acknowledged but also celebrated. In this context, technology takes center stage. Companies can use tools to shatter barriers and create a workplace where everyone shines. The DEI tech market, valued at $5.3 billion, propels forward-thinking organizations toward transformation, unlocking not just diversity but also financial success.

This brings us to some key discussion points:
  1. How can we leverage technology to enhance our DEI initiatives and create a more inclusive workplace?
  2. What strategies can we implement to ensure that all employees feel engaged and valued?
  3. How can we measure the success of our DEI initiatives and continuously improve them?
  4. What are the potential challenges we might face in implementing DEI tech, and how can we overcome them?
I encourage everyone to share their thoughts, experiences, and suggestions on this topic.

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