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Jul 30, 2019
ATLANTA – A Mercer University Ph.D. student’s work outside the classroom has landed her as a finalist for the Woman of the Year in STEAM Education award, presented by Women in Technology (WIT).
Atlanta-based Women in Technology is an organization that supports women in science, technology, engineering, arts and math, as well as girls who aspire to enter those fields. The organization has various mentorship and STEAM programs and provides further assistance to marginalized women who come from impoverished communities.
Melissa Waller was recognized by WIT in large part for her work with Change the Game, a nonprofit organization for which she serves as executive director. A data analytics organization that provides training for those who want to work on campaigns, Change the Game welcomes individuals who have no experience or are at the novice level to participate in its trainings.
“For individuals who would like to come in and receive professional development in data analytics, we provide that as well,” Waller said.
As the mother of a young woman who wishes to major in biomedical engineering and become a doctor, Waller believes it is essential for women to support each other in their pursuit of STEAM careers.
Waller believes that for every woman who excels in the STEAM fields, there is another woman behind her, encouraging and supporting her.
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