Robert Vorce

President at VorceTech Inc.
Apr 17, 2023
Good day to all members.. just a quick concern I have for being a CompTia certification holder for over 20 years -- In 2022 I decided to enroll my company into the CompTia Corporate membership and give my employees a try at the benefits and also attend the 2023 CompTia conference in Vegas.

All in all, we are neutral for the company subscription so for now we are wanting to take a temporary pause on the membership.

On Dec 1st, 2023 we received our notification that our corporate membership would renew so we contacted the membership team (via the email address they provided) to have it cancelled. We waited until the 19th of December and have not heard back from Comptia.
I have now called CompTia 4 times since then and every time I call they either say to call back or submit another ticket. (2 tickets have already been submitted and one person said duplicates usually will get ignored so they decided to escalate the oldest).
That being said, the membership site on Compita basically says the only way to cancel is to contact the membership team.
So my question to the community here is:
What is a reasonable and measurable expectation to get CompTia to respond and complete this request? In my professional opinion, almost a month is unrealistic and unprofessional, but I have been very patient when considering everyone has compressed work schedules for the holidays and vacations.
My main goal is to be proactive and get it cancelled before CompTia attempts to renew the membership fees, which only will create a second ticket in an attempt to get a refund.
In all seriousness, if this is the "normal" process CompTia uses to complete something so simple, I am considering the cancellation of all 4 of my certifiations and CE fees entirely.

Thank you.

-- Robert Vorce

Susan Kostbar

VP Member Experience
Staff member
Jul 8, 2019
North Port, FL
Hi Robert - I read your note just now . The CompTIA offices opened today after holiday break, so apologies for any delays. You most certainly approached CompTIA correctly by submitting a request with the CompTIA Help Desk. We strive to review and respond within 48 hours. I will investigate the ticket further on your behalf; however, not to worry. We have notified the finance team to not renew. We do alert far enough in advance so you have a renewal option. We appreciate your reaching out to us. We do try our best to be responsive and to help our members, so we’re never happy to receive disappointment. I will definitely investigate how this happened for future improvement. If you require any additional assistance, you can contact me directly at [email protected].
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