Brianna White

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Jul 30, 2019
According to its potential, blockchain is being used in various sectors of our life
A blockchain is a digital database, often known as a ledger, that is used to collaboratively record information and transactions. Blockchain is currently widely discussed in the media throughout the world. They’ve already been used in a variety of applications as decentralized ways to fraud-resistant computing that don’t rely on a trusted authority. A distributed, append-only log of time-stamped entries that is secured by cryptography from manipulation and alteration is known as a blockchain. Because of its unique characteristics, blockchain has been proposed for usage in a variety of applications following its successful implementation in Bitcoin.
1. Finance: By establishing a distributed public ledger, the blockchain reduces the complexities involved with financial services by allowing miners to verify transactions using proof-of-work.
2. Cryptocurrency: Blockchain has enabled the creation of cryptocurrency, which now has a market capitalization in the billions of dollars. A new block is created by running a consensus method such as proof-of-work on the Bitcoin network, which is based on a blockchain – a distributed transaction public ledger.
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