Brianna White

Staff member
Jul 30, 2019
First-generation blockchains generated some of the biggest hype in the history of IT before flaming out in a morass of abandoned deployments and failed expectations. The lack of enterprise readiness, from inflexible storage solutions to missing compliance regimes to poor scalability and high costs, resulted in many early deployments being abandoned.
What’s changed in blockchain 2.0? The new generation of blockchains are practical, cloud friendly, high performance, software-as-a-service-based and already tackling enterprise use cases around the globe. Blockchain is back, and it's (finally) ready for its close-up.
The Missing Use Case
Blockchain 1.0 lacked actual use cases. Throw in confusion over competing technologies, “public” versus “private” chain debates and more, and it was a frustrating, multi-year detour that soured many IT leaders on even hearing the term “blockchain.”
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