Ioanna Moriatis

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Jan 22, 2024
Hi All! I wanted to share an exciting announcement that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has just launched the Building an Adaptive & Competitive Workforce track through the Tools Competition and is now accepting abstracts through Feb 26.

This track will award a total of $750,000 to tools that support adult learners in developing skills that meet the changing needs of today’s national security workforce.

Join Wil Corvey, DARPA Program Manager, at the info session on January 29 at 1pm ET and get your questions answered by organizers:

DARPA is specifically seeking innovations that help adults upskill and reskill in complex subjects required for the continuously advancing 21st century, like STEM and data science skills.

This track invites technologists, digital learning platform experts, researchers, students, and educators from the United States to participate.

Abstracts are due on February 26. Learn more here:
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Hi Iona,
Thank you for sharing the link to - how exciting! It's resources like these that help us stay informed and up-to-date in our industry, and its your willingness to share knowledge and resources like this that truly embodies the spirit of collaboration that we value at CompTIA Communities. I appreciate your contribution to our collective learning and growth.