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Jul 30, 2019
AI has been no less than revolutionary for human civilization and is now being rampantly applied in daily life. Not only is it a helpful tool to elevate everyday life, but AI in business has also been revolutionary. Research shows that 86% of company CEOs believe AI software is essential for day-to-day operations and has become indispensable. Businesses can make decisions faster and more accurately with greater insight into their processes, along with data analytics, automation, and Natural Language Processing.
Let’s go over the many examples of Artificial Intelligence in business.
AI in Business – Examples of Use
AI in marketing helps enterprises find the correct balance between excellent customer experience and operational efficiency. By implementing intelligent solutions, companies can use AI for marketing in areas like competitor analysis, discovering new themes and trends, and market research for analyzing quantitative responses and customer feedback. Image recognition is an advantage that allows teams to extract meaningful data from visual inputs. These could be images and videos, and then it suggests actions based on that. Search Engine Optimization is another feature that allows marketing teams to better grasp the understanding and use of specific terms. Learning about these phrases used by consumers also helps create SEO-friendly marketing materials.
Expert sellers believe AI automation has already become a big part of sales processes, and its application will only grow. Research by Harvard Business Review claims that enterprises making use of AI-based software for sales can increase their leads by over 50%, as well as reduce call time by around 60-70%, and reduce cost by 40-60%.
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