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Jul 30, 2019
Seeing the gap in access to education and jobs in the field of technology between young men and women, a group of high school students have formed a program to help young women gain gender equality in this essential field.
Ladies in Tech was formed by three high school students from different schools under UNICEF’s Generation Future 2022 program.
Kao Menghorng, one of the founders, is studying in the 11th grade at Hun Sen Peam Chi Kang High School in Kampong Cham province’s Kang Meas district.
“The number of women involved in technology is still small compared to men,” she said.
Her two co-founders are Preap Somanit, a grade 11 student at Samdech Akka Moha Thomma Pothisal Chea Sim Prek Anchanh High School, in Kandal province’s Ponhea Leu district and Chhum Samnang, a grade 11 student at Chbar Ampov High School in Phnom Penh.
They say there are many volunteers involved in the program, including Emcee Team presenters, graphic designers, content writers, and technical and communications consultants.
To date, the project has trained 30 girls and 10 volunteers from Phnom Penh and other provinces.
“We set up a seven-week online workshop where we train in new topics related to technology, such as in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), networking, web development and the difference between Computer Science and ICT (CS Vs ICT),” Menghorng told The Post.
“We invited speakers who are studying technology at university to share their experiences. In addition to online workshops, we have also established a discussion forum where we have invited speakers to share opportunities in the field of technology,” she added.
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