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Have a look at the full day's presentations, and resources from speakers and CompTIA, your trade association. Here to help you in your business.

Community Meeting: Regional Group Meeting and Spotlight Awards – summary:
•58% of businesses say they’re in better shape today than two years ago.
•Automation is on the increase.
•Cyber Security is still very high on the agenda.
•Disaster recovery is one of the few services MSPs are being asked for.

Adam Pilton from CyberSmart, took us on a storytelling journey about how we continuously leak so much data!

James Doherty from Indigo Mentoring explained why mentoring is important before handing over the stage to Lizzie Robinson & Paul Croker. They engaged the audience with questions such as “What keeps us awake at night?” and “Who do we attract prospects to engage and talk to with us?”

Just before the half-time whistle, Andrew Allen delivered a sneak peek into CompTIA's new mentoring program, including the mentorship handbook and guide. 12 people signed up on the spot 🎉

After lunch, Ian Groves took us through some of the resources available within the CompTIA portal that can be used as a guideline or framework for MSPs, whether you’re a start-up or an existing business looking to fine-tune operations.

Are you in the news? Carl Jones delved into this topic and split out all how PR people will engage with you and help promote that story. First, you need to understand who your PR contact is and how they’d like the information delivered to them. If you make it difficult, they’ll not engage.

Self-Sabotage: This was a hot topic, and we’re all guilty of it somehow. Teresa Heath-Wareing took to the stage and immediately engaged the audience. It was an excellent keynote that I’ll remember for a long time!

Dash to our hotel; changed and back from Spotlight Awards.

Congrats to:
•Future Leader: Claire Jenks
•Advancing Women in Tech: Georgia Howlett
•Community Leadership: Dan Scott
•Cybersecurity Leadership: Mostyn Thomas
•Advancing Diversity in Tech: inSOC
•Solution Provider: Start Tech
•Innovation Vendor (tie): Salesbuildr & Sophos
•Innovation Distributor: Pax8
•Associate Member (tie): ITbetweeners & Network Group

**Credit to @Robert Gibbons, Chief Revenue Officer at Aabyss Ltd for the above summary.


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